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McPherson & Associates Pty Ltd Established – 1999

Allan McPherson established McPherson & Associates Pty Ltd in 1999, which specialised in superannuation and financial planning advice. The McPherson & Associates’ team developed a reputation for providing superior client solutions to self-managed superannuation fund and individual investors, together with practical, specialist technical support to accountants and advisers.

The McPherson Group Restructure – 2004

To enable the different streams of the business to grow and remain specialists in the disciplines of financial planning, superannuation consulting, education and training and self-managed superannuation administration, the firm restructured into The McPherson Group.

Return to McPherson & Associates Pty Ltd Financial Planning – 2017

Given the journey of each individual business unit, The McPherson Group has now returned to being known as McPherson & Associates Pty Ltd, with a focus on again providing specialist and high-quality financial planning advice services.

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